Demonetization: Only 2000 rupees notes can be changed at a time, you should know


Indian people will have to face demonetization once again. Now, by issuing a circular from the Reserve Bank of India, it has been announced that the note of two thousand rupees will be taken out of circulation.

On the RBI side, however, people have been given more than four months to exchange their notes. People will have a chance to exchange their notes from Tuesday. The process of exchanging Rs 2000 notes will continue till September 30. People can get these notes exchanged in any bank branch near them.

Now people must be wondering how many notes they can exchange in one go. The answer to this has also been received from RBI. RBI has set a limit for the exchange of notes on behalf of. Under this people will be able to exchange only 10 notes of two thousand rupees at a time.

PC: Jagran