DA of government employees has increased, know how many types of allowances they get!


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Recently the Central Government has increased the Dearness Allowance (DA) for central employees. DA has been increased from 46% to 50% in a significant increase ahead of the Holi festival. This is the third consecutive year of a 4% increase in DA for central employees. Central employees get not only DA but also many other allowances. Let us know about some allowances given to central government employees.

House Rent Allowance (HRA): Central employees get HRA for housing, also known as House Rent Allowance. Like RADA, it is not available equally to all employees. Fees are different for each city, which has been classified as X, Y and Z by the Seventh Pay Commission. The recent announcement has increased HRA by 30% in X cities, 20% in Y cities and 10% in Z cities.

Children's Education Allowance: Children's Education Allowance is provided to Central Government employees to cover the education expenses of their children.


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Travelling Allowance: Employees receive a traveling allowance to cover expenses related to office commuting or transfer.

Dress Allowance: Central employees also get a dress allowance to meet the expenses related to uniforms.

Child Care Allowance: Child care allowances for Central Government employees.

The government ensures that the needs of the central employees are taken into consideration and various allowances are provided keeping in mind various aspects of their lives.