Credit Card: If you also have a credit card, then keep these things in mind, it will be very useful.


You will also have a credit card and you will also be using it for shopping etc. In such a situation, sometimes there is a delay in paying the bill, that is, the date also goes out. In such a situation, bills start coming and the money keeps increasing. You start getting calls but do you know the rules regarding this? If not, then today we are telling you about it.

If you are late in paying the bill, the bankers can't threaten you and can't use any other kind of language. Only you can be fined and asked to pay the bill. 

In case of non-payment of bills, recovery agents reach your home. In such a situation, they misbehave with you after coming home. But they can't do that, you can complain about it if you want. 

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