Cheap gold will be available here on Diwali, know how you can shop!


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Diwali is around the corner, there is about a week left for the festival that runs from Dhanteras to Bhai Dooj. During this festival, people invest a lot in gold and silver. If rising gold prices are a matter of concern, then we will tell you about some places where you can get affordable gold. What's more, you can also easily buy gold from these places.

If you are planning to buy gold jewelry for Diwali, you can also buy from online jewelry brands. Online brands offer discounts on gold rates, card offers, and discounts on making charges.

Convenient Gold Buying from Home

One advantage of shopping from online jewelry brands is that they deliver your purchases to your doorstep. Alternatively, you can shop online while on the go, such as during a metro journey.


PC: tv9hindi

Great Offers Available

CaratLane, one of the biggest online jewelry brands, is offering great deals right now. If you buy diamond jewelry, you will get a 25% discount on the price of a diamond. Additionally, you can avail additional savings of 3% on purchases above Rs.50,000. If you purchase with an SBI card, you will get a 5% instant discount on the price of the diamond.

Another online jewelry brand, Bluestone, is offering a 10% discount on gold jewelry-making charges and an additional 5% discount on diamond prices.


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'Mia by Tanishq' offers trendy gold jewelry for office goers. During the Diwali season, they are providing a 20% ​​discount for customers. On this platform, you can find trendy gold jewelry ranging from 14 carat to 22 carat.