Utility News: RBI is going to do this work with 50, 100, and 200 notes, your problem will end


You also go to the market and after buying something from there, as soon as you hand over a big note to the shopkeeper, he avoids you by saying that it will not be opened. In such a situation, you keep getting worried. Many times you also keep getting worried about small notes. In such a situation, RBI has also taken cognizance of this. 

According to the information, the matter has also reached the Reserve Bank of India regarding the shortage of small notes in the markets. After this, RBI is considering increasing the number of small notes in ATMs. In such a situation, a new guideline may also come from RBI soon. 

Information is also coming to the fore that the Reserve Bank of India is considering increasing the number of 100 and 200 notes in ATMs. If this happens then the troubles for the people will end.