Utility News: Petrol-diesel consumers did not get relief even today!


Even today the consumers of petrol and diesel have not got any kind of relief from the government oil companies. Even today, the prices of both fuels have remained stable in Rajasthan. There has been no change in the prices of both fuels in the state for a long time.


Petrol in the capital Jaipur is being sold at Rs 108.48 and diesel at Rs 93.72, Ajmer at Rs 108.43 and diesel at Rs 93.67 and Alwar at Rs 109.71, and diesel at Rs 94.81 per liter.

Petrol in Bikaner costs 110.72, Diesel 95.75, Jodhpur Petrol 109.34, Diesel 94.51, Kota Petrol 108.19, Diesel 93.45, and in Udaipur, the cost of one-liter Petrol is Rs 109.27 and Diesel is Rs 94.44.


Petrol is being sold at Rs.113.65 and diesel at Rs.98.39 per liter in Sriganganagar.