Utility News: Most expensive petrol is being sold in this district, today these are the prices in major cities


Government oil companies have not given relief to petrol-diesel consumers even on Wednesday. Even today the prices of both fuels have remained stable. People still have to spend more than a hundred rupees for one liter of petrol in Rajasthan.

In the Sriganganagar district of the state, people have to buy the most expensive petrol in the country. Here one liter of petrol is available at Rs 113.65 and diesel at Rs 98.39 per liter. Petrol in Rajasthan's capital Jaipur is still Rs 108.48 and diesel is Rs 93.72 per liter.


One liter of petrol in Jaisalmer will cost Rs 110.71 and diesel will cost Rs 95.74. Petrol in Udaipur is being sold at Rs.109.27, Diesel at Rs.94.44, Jodhpur at Rs.109.34, Diesel at Rs.94.51, and Kota at Rs.108.19 and Diesel at Rs.93.45. Petrol-diesel prices are released by the companies daily at 6 am.