Utility News: If your gas cylinder is frozen in winter, then follow these tips


It is winter season and in this season gas freezes inside the gas cylinder and your gas stove starts running less. In this case, you change the second cylinder and start working immediately. But in this inflation, filling the cylinder, again and again, has become a cause of big trouble.

In such a situation, if the gas cylinder of your house also freezes, then today we are going to tell you some special tips, using which you can prevent your gas cylinder from freezing. 

You can use a jute sack to prevent gas from freezing in the cylinder. For this, you have to keep the jute sack under the cylinder or you can also wrap the sack around it.

Apart from this, heat the water in a big vessel and keep the cylinder in that water. If the gas is frozen in your cylinder, then it will be correct in this situation and the gas will start running smoothly.