Utility News: Gold becomes cheaper, silver becomes expensive again!


Gold prices fell on Thursday in the bullion market of Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. While silver has become expensive. According to the news, today the price of gold has fallen by Rs 400 per ten grams in Jaipur. While the price of one kilogram of silver has seen a rise of Rs 100. 

In the Jaipur bullion market, the price of gold has come down to Rs 51,250 per ten grams on Thursday. Whereas on Wednesday, the price of this gold was Rs 51,650 per ten grams. In the Jaipur bullion market today, 22-carat gold is priced at Rs 49,000, 18-carat gold at Rs 41,800, and 14-carat gold at Rs 32,800 per ten grams. 

The price of silver increased to Rs 57,700 per kg in the Jaipur bullion market on Thursday. On Wednesday, silver was sold at Rs 57,600 per kg. According to experts, the prices of both precious metals may increase on Friday as well.