Utility News: Gold and silver prices fall, today is a good opportunity to buy


The prices of gold and silver continue to fluctuate in the international market. Its effect is also being seen in the bullion market of Jaipur. The prices of both precious metals have seen a fall in the local bullion market of Jaipur today. 

However, the prices of both metals are expected to rise during Navratri and Diwali seasons. Because of this, people now have a chance to buy cheap gold and silver. Today, gold has become cheaper by Rs 250 per ten grams in the local bullion market of Jaipur. Due to this, the price of gold has come down to 50700 per 10 grams now. While the price of silver has declined by Rs 100. Due to this, the price of one kilogram of silver has come down to Rs 57,700 only. 


The price of 22 carats i.e. jewelry gold has fallen by three hundred rupees today. Due to this jewelry gold is being sold at a price of 48,500 per 10 grams. 18-carat gold is being sold at Rs 41300 and 14-carat gold at 32300 per 10 grams.