Utility News: Gold and silver prices fall again in Jaipur! Click here to know the latest price


The effect of the fall in the international market is also being seen in the Jaipur bullion market. Under this, there has been a fall in the prices of gold and silver in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. 


According to reports, the price of standard gold declined by Rs 200 per ten grams in Jaipur on Wednesday. While silver has become cheaper by Rs 300 per kg. Due to the fall in the prices of both the precious metals, the Jaipur bullion market is once again seeing the excitement of the customers. 

According to the price released by the Sarafa Committee, the price of 24-carat 10 grams of gold in Jaipur has now come down to Rs 52,150. 

Whereas 22-carat gold has come for 50 thousand rupees, 18-carat gold at 42 thousand rupees, and 14-carat gold at 33,700 rupees per ten grams. 


The price of silver refined has also come down to Rs 62 thousand 300 per kg. According to experts, there will be a change in the prices of gold and silver in the coming times as well.