Utility News: From tea to breakfast to cabs and cooking gas, all became expensive


Petrol and diesel are expensive and due to global reasons, the impact on the pockets of the common people is starting to show. In the last four months, the prices of commuting food and drinks have increased. Let us tell you that the prices of CNG and LPG have also increased continuously. Taxi and cab fares have also been increased. How inflation has shocked the common man in the last few days:-

CNG and LPG are expensive:-

For your information, let us tell you that on April 3, the price of CNG was Rs 60.81 per kg. Since then the prices have been hiked four times. Now its price in Delhi is Rs 75.61 per kg. This has also had a direct impact on rents, which have increased by more than 15 percent. LPG prices have increased by 11 percent since March.

Breakfast is too expensive:-

For your information, let us tell you that in the last two months, the price of eggs has increased from Rs 148 to Rs 170 per carat. An increase of 15 percent has been registered. The price of bread-butter has gone up by up to 10 percent. The GST on Tatra packs has been increased from 12 percent to 18 percent. The GST on flour mill and pulse machines has also been increased from 12 to 18 percent.


3. Excess fees in the banking system:-

From July 16, 18 percent GST will have to be paid on taking checkbooks, which used to be free till now. Also, 18 percent GST will have to be paid on investment in chit funds, which is currently 12 percent.

The fare of cabs and school buses also increased:-

Ola-Uber fares have increased by 44 percent in the last three months. This has happened due to an increase in the cost of CNG along with an increase in other expenses. All major schools in NCR have increased the transport charges from 20 to 60 percent from April.