Utility News: Commercial gas cylinders became cheaper, but consumers of the domestic gas cylinders did not get relief


Even though there has not been any change in the prices of petrol and diesel for a long time, the government oil companies have given relief to the gas consumers today.

Government oil companies have given relief to the people by reducing the prices of commercial gas cylinders.


However, the consumers of domestic gas cylinders have not gotten any relief. 

On the first day of August, government oil companies reduced the price of commercial gas cylinders by Rs 36. 

With this, now the price of a commercial gas cylinder in Rajasthan's capital Jaipur has come down to Rs 2002 per cylinder. Earlier its price in Jaipur was Rs 2038. 


There is no change in the price of the 14.2 kg domestic LPG gas cylinder in Gulabi Nagar. Right now this cylinder will be available only for Rs 1056.50.