Utility News: Banks will remain closed for 13 days in the month of December!


If you have any long work related to the bank, then settle it this month, because in the next month the banks will be closed for about half a month. You should check the list of bank holidays for the next month. This will not waste your time.

According to RBI, banks will remain closed for 13 days in the country next month. However, different days will be a holiday in different states. Apart from the 4 Sundays in December, the second and fourth Saturdays are also holidays. At the national level, banks will be closed simultaneously on 3,4,10,11,18,24,25 in December.

While Meghalaya on December 12, Goa on December 19, Mizoram, Sikkim, Meghalaya on December 26, Chandigarh on December 29, Meghalaya on December 30 and Mizoram on December 31 will remain closed.