Tomorrow there will be big profits for the shareholders of these companies


Shares of Bajaj Finserv have a tremendous rally on Tuesday. The company's shares are trading at Rs 1,807.40 with a gain of 5.46%. Let us tell you that there are two big reasons behind the rise in the shares of the company, one is that tomorrow the shares of the company will be ex-split and the second reason is that Bajaj Finserv is going to issue bonus shares. A day before the ex-split, ie today, there is tremendous buying in the shares. 

14 September 2022 is the Record Date

The Company has fixed Wednesday, 14 September 2022 as the 'Record Date' for its Stock Split and Bonus Share Issue. 

Announcing its Q1FY23 results, Bajaj Finserv had said that its board has also approved the proposal for stock split or ex-split of equity shares in the ratio of 1:5. It has also given its approval for the issue of bonus shares in the ratio of 1:1.