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In today's time, there is a lot of demand for unique notes and coins. People are ready to pay a good amount for them. Therefore, if you have an old 50 rupee note, you can earn lakhs of rupees instead. The number 786 should be written on this note as it is considered to be a unique number. Not only in Rs 50 notes but on Rs 5, Rs 10, Rs 20, or Rs 100 notes, if the last 786 digits are there, then these Indian notes can be sold on eBay.


Many business websites like ShopClues and Marudhar Arts are offering good prices for old notes. Apart from this, you can also get good money on


If you have a unique note, then you can upload a photo of your old note on the websites of these companies and sell it at a good price. For this, you have to register yourself as a seller by visiting the website. After that, you can upload the picture of your note in the online upload cell. From there, interested parties will contact you directly, and you will be able to set your own price.