These important tips can save lakhs of rupees in building a nice house


Inflation- These words are heard all around. In such a situation, before doing any small or big work, a person thinks that how to save two-four rupees. When it comes to building a house, then the worry about it increases. Its cost is in lakhs and if the rate of every brick increases, then your pocket will become loose. From cement, bars, bricks, grills, and paints to water, the cost of building a house plays a big part. If you calculate the recent time, then perhaps the price of something has decreased. The rates of almost every item have increased. What to do in such a situation that extreme inflation to build a house cheaply in between? What to do so that Affordable house and save money too. Today you will know about the tips related to this.

Building a house is not a small task, it is a big labor and sadhna work. A house is built with a lot of hard work and pie and pie matter in it. Then why not find a way to save so that when the expenses are somewhat less. The first thing that should be done is that whatever building material is there, buy it in bulk. With this, the shopkeeper will also enjoy selling because he will get a lump sum profit. He will give you the benefit of this benefit and will reduce the rate of the goods a little. If you buy the same item again and again in pieces, then you will have to pay a higher price. This will increase your expenses.

Not red brick, there will be savings from fly ash brick

A house is made by adding brick-brick. So why not think of making some profit in the cost of bricks. Red brick is often expensive because it costs a lot from casting to cooking. Fly ash brick is cheaper than this. The work is almost the same for both, but fly ash brick is a bit cheaper. Then why not use this brick to build a house. According to one calculation, fly ash brick is cheaper by Rs 2 to 3 in comparison to red brick. In such a situation, if 50 thousand bricks are installed in the house, then easily one to one and a half lakh rupees can be saved. Cement consumption is also reduced somewhat by fly ash brick.

Spend wisely on sanitary ware

Apart from this, there are many other factors in the cost of construction that increase the cost. Sanitary Ware, Plumbing Items, Electric Fittings, and Painting. If you manage these expenses carefully, bargaining in purchases, then a good amount of money can be saved. It may also happen that all these items are bought from a single hardware shop and the right rebate is demanded from the shopkeeper. If the shopkeeper agrees, then it is not right, then he can take the rate at any other shop. Where there is a benefit in shopping, take goods from there so that expenses can be saved.

Local goods can also give the fun to the brand

There is no need to blindly run after branded goods. Many brands are local, but their work fails the brand. You can also save money by buying these local items. Local items are cheaper by 30-35 percent as compared to branded goods, from which you can save a good amount. Warranty is also available on local goods. Then why refrain from buying it? For this, thousands of rupees can be saved by using a local spout instead of a branded tap or spout.

It is often seen that if cement and bars are not used wisely, then the cost of the house increases manifold while its benefit is not much. Many people use more rebars and cement while laying beams at the DPC level, whereas the work can be done by adding fewer bars and bricks and bricks in the beam. By this, the strength of the beam will remain complete and the saving of money will also be plentiful.