SBI mutual fund: SBI best mutual fund sip for the daughter's future


SBI Mutual Fund: Invest 5 thousand in this scheme of SBI for the daughter's marriage and education, 55 lakhs can be found on maturity

SBI Technology Opportunities Fund Direct-Growth Mutual Fund: Today we are going to tell you about a special mutual fund scheme of SBI. The name of this mutual fund scheme of SBI is SBI Technology Opportunities Fund Direct-Growth. By investing in this mutual fund scheme, you can secure the future of your daughter. If recently a daughter was born in your house. In this situation, you can start investing in this mutual fund scheme of SBI. This scheme is a great option for investment. You have to invest only 18 years in this scheme. After investing, you can accumulate a good corpus at the time of maturity. You will be able to use this money for your daughter's marriage or her education. Let us know in detail about this Mutual Fund Scheme of SBI -

If you also want to collect Rs 55 lakh at the time of maturity by investing Rs 5000 in SBI Technology Opportunities Fund Direct-Growth, then for this you will first have to make a SIP in this scheme.

After making SIP in this mutual fund of SBI, you have to invest Rs 5000 every month for the entire 18 years. Apart from this, you also have to expect that you keep getting an estimated return of 15 percent every year on your investment.

In this situation, you can collect a corpus of Rs 55 lakh at the time of maturity after 18 years. With this money, you can marry your daughter well. Apart from this, through this money, you can get her education in any good place.

Disclaimer: Money invested in mutual funds is subject to market risks. Please consult experts before investing in it. If you invest in mutual funds without knowing. In this situation, you may have to face a big loss. The return on investment made in mutual funds is determined by the behavior of the market.