Rajasthan Petrol-Diesel Price 22 September 2022: Petrol-Diesel will be available at this price in Jaipur today


Government oil companies have also released the prices of petrol and diesel for Thursday. No relief has been given to the people by the companies. That is, even today the prices of both fuels are stable. Significantly, since May 22, the state-owned oil companies have not made any change in the prices of both fuels. 

For 1 liter of petrol in Jaipur, people will have to spend only Rs 108.48. While the cost of one liter of diesel is Rs 93.72. Petrol in Ajmer Rs 108.43, Diesel Rs 93.67, Bikaner Petrol 110.72, Diesel Rs 95.75, Alwar Rs 109.71, Diesel Rs 94.81, Petrol in Jodhpur Rs 109.34, Diesel Rs 94.51 and Jaisalmer Rs 110.71 and Diesel Rs 95.74 per liter is being sold.


Rates are issued by Oil Marketing Company HPCL, BPCL, and IOC. Information about the new prices of petrol and diesel can be checked through SMS on the website and mobile number 92249 92249.