Petrol Diesel Price: Petrol price is Rs 120, know how petrol and diesel are available in your city


There has been no change in the price even today.

Petrol Diesel Latest Price: Today for the 38th consecutive day, there has been no change in the rates of petrol and diesel. Petrol is getting Rs 120 a liter in the financial capital Mumbai, while in Delhi its price is more than Rs 105.

Oil marketing companies have announced petrol and diesel (Petrol and Diesel) for 14 May. Petrol Diesel Price) prices have been issued. Today, for the 37th consecutive day, there has been no change in the rates of petrol and diesel. Fuel prices are stable across the country since April 6. According to the information available on the website of Indian Oil Corporation, the country’s largest oil marketing company, today the price of petrol in Delhi is Rs 105.41 and the price of diesel is Rs 96.67 per liter. You can know the price of petrol and diesel in your city daily through an SMS. For this, the customers of Indian Oil (IOC) will have to write the RSP code and send it to the number 9224992249. Click here to know the RSP code of your city.

The price of one liter of petrol in Mumbai is Rs 120.51 and that of diesel is Rs 104.77. Apart from Delhi and Mumbai, petrol is being sold in Kolkata today at the rate of Rs 115.12 and diesel at Rs 99.83 per liter. Whereas in Chennai, petrol is Rs 110.85 and diesel is Rs 100.94 per liter. Globally, the average price of oil is at the level of $ 1.33 i.e. Rs 102 per liter. Currently, the average price of petrol in India is Rs 113 per liter. Here in the international market, the price of crude oil is at the level of $ 112 per barrel.