Penny stock shares below Rs 6 made investors rich!


Small stocks are not the answer in terms of returns. There are a lot of risks here, but it is said, "The risk taker will either drown or fly." Last week the 2 penny stocks I had taken off. Both these stocks have given 30 to 50 percent returns in just 7 days. Let's look at the share price history of these 3 stocks under Rs 6...

First of all, talk about possible media. 

In the last 7 days, this penny stock has doubled its investors' money by one and a half times. Last September it was at Rs 3.75 on NSE and closed at Rs 5.55 on Friday. It has given a return of 44 percent in the last month and 42 percent in three months. If we talk about its performance for one year, then this stock has given a strong return of 91 percent. However, those who invested money in it 5 years ago are still facing a loss of about 54 percent.

Another penny stock in terms of giving good returns in a week is Future Consumer. The stock has moved from Rs 1.70 to Rs 2.25 in a week. It has given more than 36% return in 7 days.

If we talk about one month, then it has registered a jump of more than 28 percent. At the same time, its performance in the period of 3 months has been poor. It has given a return of just 2.27 percent. In the last year, it has given negative returns of 72 percent and more than 91 percent in 3 years.