PF Money Withdrawl: How to withdraw PF account money, Know details of the complete withdrawal process.


A Provident fund is a very useful thing for any salaried person. Investing in it gives benefits in the long run. It is like a retirement plan. Withdrawal after retirement gets a huge amount all at once. Earlier people used to transfer their funds along with changing jobs, but now there is no need to do so. Despite this, it has been seen that in the last few years, more applications are coming in for eviction of EPFO ​​records.


The process has been made easy
Now the process of PF withdrawal has been simplified. Because of the crisis of the Corona epidemic, EPFO ​​has given this facility to its account holders to get their claims passed from the regional office as well. The Employees' Provident Fund (EPFO) had simplified the process of withdrawing the PF amount some time back. PF amount can be easily withdrawn through the online process. There are some necessary conditions for this.

Aadhaar should be linked with EPFO
Aadhar card must be linked with EPFO ​​for online PF withdrawal. If this happens, the processing time for withdrawing the amount is 3-4 days. Employees Provident Fund is going to make it even easier. In this case, money can be withdrawn within a few hours of applying. For this, the KYC of the PF account should be completed.

What is required for a withdrawal?
The Employees' Provident Fund now issues a Universal Account Number to the account holders. Once this number is issued, it remains active till someone withdraws the PF money after changing the job. This number must be activated for withdrawal. The mobile number of the member should be registered in the UN database.

What is necessary?
The member's Aadhaar details should be on the website of the Employees' Provident Fund. His bank details should also be entered in the UAN. The PAN card of the member should also be verified in the database of EPFO. For Amount Withdrawal, the member has to log in to the e-Seva portal After logging into the website, the member has to select the Aadhaar based online claim submission tab. After this, you have to verify your KYC details. For withdrawal, you will have to choose the option required for you in different options.

How will the process be completed?
After selecting the option, OTP will be sent by EPFO ​​to the mobile number registered in the UIDAI database. On entering the OTP, the claim form will be submitted. With this, the withdrawal process will start. After the claim is processed, it is deposited in the registered bank account of the employee.


No need to go to the employer
There is no need to go to the employer to withdraw the amount under the online facility, but the EPFO ​​should have the establishment number of the company. Along with this, the mobile number registered in the Aadhaar database and the mobile number recorded in EPFO ​​should be the same.