LPG Price: Petrol-Diesel stable but domestic gas cylinder prices increased, see how expensive it became from Delhi to Patna


The common people of the country, already facing inflation, have suffered another major setback on Saturday. In fact, due to the increase in the price of domestic gas cylinders, the budget of the kitchen has been disturbed once again. However, on the petrol-diesel front, the public has definitely got relief from the last one month. Gas companies have increased the price of domestic gas cylinders by Rs 50. After this, the price of 14.2 kg LPG cylinder in the capital Delhi has gone up to Rs 999.50. The new rates have been implemented from today, May 7.


Cylinder prices were increased on 22 March
It is worth noting that earlier in the month of March also, the price of domestic gas cylinder was increased, after which its price in Delhi increased to Rs 949.50. Let us inform that on March 22, the price of subsidized domestic LPG cylinder was increased by Rs 50 in the same sequence that started in the prices of petrol, diesel and LPG after the assembly elections held in five states.

Prices were stable since October 6
Before March 22, the prices of LPG cylinders remained stable for almost six months. There was no change in the rate of domestic LPG cylinder after 6 October 2021. On October 6, the price of a domestic gas cylinder was increased by Rs 50, after which its price increased to Rs 899.50 in Delhi and Mumbai, Rs 926 in Kolkata and Rs 915.50 in Chennai. But this time the price of 14.2 kg cylinder was increased in a span of just one month.

Still the most expensive in Patna
After this increase in the price of domestic gas cylinder on Saturday, 14.2 kg domestic LPG cylinder in Patna has become Rs 1089.5. At the same time, the domestic cylinder in Lucknow has become Rs 1037.5. Its price in Punjab has reached 1035 rupees. Let us inform that after the last hike, the price of LPG gas cylinder in Patna had gone up to Rs 1048. Talking about other big cities, now in Agra this cylinder will be available for Rs 1012.50. 1026 in Kolkata, 999.50 in Mumbai and Rs 1015.50 in Chennai.

Increase in commercial cylinder also continues
On the one hand, while the price of domestic LPG is increasing, the price of 19 kg commercial LPG gas cylinder is also increasing. On May 1, it was increased by Rs 104 per cylinder. After this, the price of this cylinder increased to Rs 2,355 per cylinder. It is worth noting that earlier the price of 19 kg gas cylinder was also increased in April. In April, its price had increased by Rs 268.50.

No change in petrol and diesel since a month
Domestic LPG prices vary from state to state due to local taxes. Fuel retailers revise the prices of LPG cylinders at the beginning of every month. Meanwhile, let us tell you that while the general public is getting a setback on the kitchen front, on the other hand, oil prices are getting relief for the last one month. Let us inform that there has been no change in the prices of petrol and diesel in the country from April 6.

Petrol and diesel prices increased after 137 days
Since November 4, 2021, the prices of petrol and diesel remained stable in the country for 137 consecutive days i.e. more than four and a half months. However, the major reason for this was told to the Legislative Assembly to be held in five states of the country. The increase in the prices of petrol and diesel, which started from 22 March, became a daily routine. Their prices were changed 14 times in 17 days. From March 22 to April 6, the price of both increased by Rs 10 per liter.


Domestic gas comes under GST
Talking about the tax in an LPG cylinder, it has a different system from petrol and diesel, in which the central and state governments do not levy separate taxes. It is subject to GST and in this, only one tax is levied in the whole country and it is received by the government. The government has included LPG in the 5 per cent slab, in which 2.5 per cent tax is paid to the central government and 2.5 per cent to the state government. According to the website of the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, domestic gas also comes under GST. GAC is levied on LPG cylinders at a total rate of five per cent. In this, 2.5 percent central government and 2.5 percent state government levy GST. Apart from this, the central and state governments do not levy separate tax on LPG cylinders.