Investment Tips: 10 lakh became 2.5 crore rupees in this fund, in just 18 years


Over the past few months, the stock markets have become very volatile. The BSE Sensex sometimes goes down by 1,000 points and sometimes goes up by 500 points. Experts say that this is happening due to the geopolitical crisis. At the same time, there is pressure on the market due to global inflation and the increase of strategic interest rates by the central banks. Value Discovery Fund can give good returns for investors in such an environment.

Three funds outperform
The data shows that 3 funds have given better returns in the last 15 years. If one would have invested Rs 10 lakh in ICICI Prudential’s Value Discovery Fund 18 years back, that amount has now become Rs 2.5 crore. Whereas in the Nifty 500 value of 50 TRI it would have been only Rs 1.3 crore. Its return has been 27.98 percent in one year and 17.75 percent in 10 years. Its compounded rate of return over 15 years has been 16.18 percent. Nippon’s returns have been 24.19 percent in one year, 15.82 percent in 10 years, and 14.57 percent in 15 years during the same period. Talking about Invesco India Contra Fund, it has given a profit of 17.21 percent in 1 year, 17.22 in 10 years, and 14.11 percent in 15 years. Talking about value funds, it plays a major role in the creation of assets. In August 2004, if someone would have done a monthly SIP of Rs 10,000 in the value fund of ICICI, then this amount has now become Rs 1.1 crore. Whereas in its benchmark Nifty 500 Value 50 TRI it has got only Rs 72 lakhs.

ICICI Prudential CIO S. Naren believes that it is quite difficult to predict how the market will behave in the near term. The recent market downturn has brought a good investment opportunity in the long run. Investors should adopt the SIP route in such an environment.

Value theme better
Experts believe that the theme of value has emerged as a better theme in the time of Corona. In an environment where interest rates are on an upward trend, oil prices are also at higher levels, thus showing investor interest in the metals, energy, and coal segments. ICICI Prudential’s Value Discovery Fund has been a top performer over 10 and 15-year periods.

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