International Funds Taxation: How to invest in International Funds, see what are the advantages and disadvantages..


Why Invest in International Funds: The attention of investors in the country is now going towards International Funds. Are international funds giving good returns to their investors? Is investing in them as easy as domestic funds or not? What are the benefits of investing in these funds? Should you invest in this fund or not?


What is International Fund
Let us tell you that International Funds are such mutual funds. Through which investors living in one country can invest money in companies of other countries. An investor residing in India can invest in the shares of a US or UK company through an international fund. The depreciation of the rupee against the dollar does not affect the international fund.

This is a good option
If you want to grow your portfolio as an investor. Then International Fund can be a good option for you. This will not only give you an opportunity of exposure to the international market, but it will also give you good returns.

Increased investors
It is being told that in the last few years, due to low investment risk and good returns, the number of investors investing in international funds has seen significant profits. Investing in the long term period has always been considered a good option. Long term investments carry much less risk than short term investments.


What is opinion?
Adil Shetty, CEO of, says that investors should think big before investing. Apart from the domestic market, the option of investing in international funds can also be considered. However, most Indians prefer to invest in the domestic market for investment.