ITR Filing: Despite having low salary, definitely file income tax return! You will get these 4 big benefits


ITR Filing Benefits: The last date for filing ITR for the financial year 2021-2022 i.e. (Financial Year 2021-2022) and assessment year 2022-2023 (Assessment Year 2022-2023) is approaching. You should complete this important work before 31st July 2022. Let us tell you that it is mandatory to file ITR for those whose salary comes under Taxable Income. On the other hand, for those whose salary is less than the tax slab, then it is not necessary to file it, but experts believe that ITR must be filed even after low salary. If you do not know about the benefits of filing ITR, then we tell you about it. Today we are going to tell you about 4 big benefits of filing ITR. Know about this-


These benefits are available on filing ITR-
1. It is easy to take loan
Whenever you go to take a loan from any bank or financial institution, first of all you have to demand Income Tax Return. You will be able to verify your income after filing ITR. The loan amount is determined according to your income.

2. There is help in doing business
Whenever a government institution does business with a company, in such a situation, it checks the ITR of that business. If you have ITR for the last two years, then it helps you in doing business.

3. Property buying and selling is easy
At the same time, ITR is required nowadays for buying and selling any property. After this, you do not face the threat of income tax notice.


4. It is easy to get insurance cover
At the same time, companies also demand ITR many times to take any big Bina cover. With this, the company examines how much your annual income is and then gives you insurance cover on this basis.