How to check: Whether the Aadhaar card is genuine or fake via online and offline mode, know the full process step by step

Aadhar card is not fake? Check online and offline like this

You can easily verify anyone's Aadhar card using both online and offline methods. This is the way...

In today's time, the 'Aadhaar Card' has become mandatory in almost every government and non-government work. Without an Aadhar number, more than half of your work gets stuck. However, as the need for something increases, so too does the fraud associated with that thing. Many times people fool big institutions by showing fake Aadhar cards.

To avoid such frauds, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has advised that before giving a house to a new tenant and before giving a job to an employee, his Aadhar card must be verified. Not only big organizations but also a common man can easily verify his Aadhar card to know the background of another person.

Whether the Aadhar card is genuine or fake… There are many ways to identify it. You can easily verify anyone's Aadhar card using both online and offline methods. How? Let's know-

How to identify fake Aadhar cards through online mode-

  • To identify the fake and real Aadhar cards online, you have to visit the website.
  • Here you have to enter the number of that Aadhaar Card, which you have to identify whether it is real or fake.
  • Now here you can verify the Aadhar card with age, gender, state, and last three digits of your mobile number.

How to identify fake Aadhar cards through offline mode-

  • Secure QR code helps to identify fake and genuine Aadhar cards offline.
  • A secure QR code is given on every Aadhar card, in which demographic details are added.
  • These details include the name, photograph, gender, date of birth, and address of the Aadhaar cardholder.
  • Even if the Aadhar card has been tampered with by using photoshop instead of the photograph on the Aadhar card, the information given in the QR code cannot be tampered with.
  • To scan the QR code of the Aadhar card, you can download the Aadhar QR scanner available on Play Store and App Store.