Foreign exchange reserves decreased again: for the seventh consecutive week, the decline reached $ 600 billion, the gold reserve also decreased


The country's foreign exchange reserves have once again declined. Forex reserves fell to $600.423 billion, down by $3.271 billion for the week ended April 22. This is the seventh time in a row that a decline has been registered in it.


Big reason for the fall in FCA
According to the information shared by the RBI, in the last week ended April 15, there was a decrease of $ 313 million in foreign exchange reserves and it had come down to $ 603.694 billion. Significantly, the main reason for this decline in foreign exchange reserves is the decrease in foreign currency assets (FCAs), which form a significant part of the reserves. For the week ended April 22, FCA has declined by $2.835 billion and has come down to $533.933 billion.

The country's gold reserves decreased so much
With the fall in foreign exchange reserves, the country's gold reserves have also come down and it has come down by $ 3.77 crore to $ 42.768 billion. Apart from this, if we look at the data shared by the Reserve Bank of India, the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) declined by $ 33 million to $18662 billion, while the country's currency reserves with the IMF declined by 2.6 million dollars. million has come down to $5.060 billion.


Foreign investors sold heavily
Apart from this, if we talk about foreign institutional investors, they have sold heavily during this period. Let us inform that on Friday, the last trading day of the week, the BSE 30-share index Sensex closed at 57,061 with a fall of 460 points, while the NSE Nifty index lost 142 points to close at 17,102 level. During this, foreign institutional investors bought shares worth Rs 3648 crore on the last day, while domestic institutional investors bought shares worth Rs 3490 crore.