Finance Minister Sitharaman said: Need to eliminate poverty and promote shared prosperity, challenges have to be dealt with


Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the challenges of conflict and violence must be tackled to achieve goals such as ending poverty and promoting shared prosperity. Especially when more than two thirds of the world live in the poor. The Finance Ministry said in a tweet that the Finance Minister said these things during the IMF meeting in America. She said that in FCS countries dealing with critical and conflict situations, livelihood support, education, health, women, youth and children should always be given priority. The Finance Minister's remarks came after Russia-Ukraine entered the 58th day of the ongoing war.


Rise in energy prices
The Russo-Ukraine War has resulted in rising energy prices and food shortages in many parts of the world. Global development is expected to be affected by this conflict. On the other hand, the Finance Minister also met CEOs of giant companies in America. These companies included FedEx, Mastercard and others.


India's plans commendable: Subramaniam

  •     In a meeting with the Finance Minister, FedEx Chairman Raj Subramaniam said that he has a positive outlook on India and has important expansion plans. He appreciated the government's commitment to development through schemes like the Prime Minister's Gati Shakti Master Plan.
  •     The finance ministry said in a tweet that the finance minister asked Mastercard CEO Mibach Michael how lessons learned from India's financial inclusion program can be used to deliver solutions for the world. Mastercard said it plans to set up large data centers in India.