Despite the ups and downs in the stock market, these four shares of Adani Group are increasing!


Despite the ups and downs in the stock market, if any shares are looting the gathering, then it is the shares of Adani Group. Out of the 7 companies listed in the Adani Group in the stock market, 4 have proved to be multibaggers in this period. 

Due to the boom in the shares of these companies, Gautam Adani is number three on the list of billionaires of the world. He has left his compatriot Reliance Group chairman Mukesh Ambani far behind. Ambani is ranked 11th on the Bloomberg Billionaires List.

First of all, about that company of Adani, which is proving to be Alexander in terms of stock market returns. This company is Adani Power, which has reached Rs 397.60 from 121.80 in the last 6 months. During this period, this stock has given a return of 266.44 percent to its investors. Its 6-month high is 432.50 and its low is Rs 120.50.