Debit Card Rules: What to do if a Debit card is lost? Click here to know...


Using Debit Card, you can not only withdraw money from ATM, but you can also deposit the amount. You can also make any kind of purchase through a debit card. Apart from online shopping, you can also make payments through the debit card in the market. Nowadays most people have started shopping through debit cards only. But if this debit card is lost or stolen somewhere, then you can be in big trouble. Know what to do if the debit card is lost.


Immediately inform the bank
If your debit card is lost, do not delay in informing the bank, otherwise, you may have to bear the big consequences. Information can be given to the bank in several ways. This information can be given by visiting the bank branch, through the mobile application of the bank, or through internet banking.

A debit card can be blocked
You can also block the debit card yourself. For this, one has to report the loss of the card by logging into the banking portal. For this, select the card issued in your name. There will be a block option. When you block the debit card, its confirmation will be displayed immediately.

The message will come on mobile phone
When you will block the debit card, a message will also come on your registered mobile number about it. In this message, it is said that you have successfully blocked your debit card.

When to file FIR?
If you think that your debit card has not been lost but has been stolen, then you should register an FIR at the nearest police station about it. It is necessary to do it here. After registering the FIR, a copy of the same will be given to you. Keep it handy. It may be needed later.

New debit card
Normally the request for issuance of a new debit card is also accepted at the same time when banks block the debit card. Banks charge some charges for issuing a new card instead of a lost debit card. The new card is sent by registered post in two to three days.


Keep these things in mind
If you do not inform the bank about the loss of the debit card in time and you suffer any loss due to this, then the bank does not take responsibility for it. But if you have informed the bank about the loss of the card in time, then the bank is legally bound to block the debit card.