Coal crisis: Public hustle and bustle in politics due to power cut, will the government's claims provide relief?


The coal crisis in the country has deepened and its effect is being seen in the form of power cuts in most of the states of the country. On the one hand, where the people facing the scorching heat have been affected by the lack of electricity, on the other hand the production of industries is also getting affected. People and industries do not seem to be getting relief from this at the moment, while the government and the opposition are busy accusing each other.


The plight of the public in many states
Let us first take a look at the situation of power cuts in the country. The situation is such that due to shortage of coal in 16 states of the country, the situation is worse due to power cuts. Unprecedented heatwave in north and central India has pushed the power demand close to a record 2.14 lakh MW. Meanwhile, due to shortage of coal in power generation plants, there has been a sharp shortfall in supply against demand. Apart from UP, Delhi, Bihar, Haryana, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, consumers from Jammu and Kashmir to Andhra Pradesh are facing unannounced power cuts ranging from 2 to 10 hours.

Highest power cut in six years
According to a report, the power cut during the scorching summer in India is the highest in more than six years. These situations have arisen due to the acute shortage of coal, which plays a vital role in power generation. Coal reserves have fallen to their lowest pre-summer level in nearly nine years. On Thursday, the Ministry of Power itself said that peak-power demand in India has reached a record high. According to a report, during the first 27 days of April, electricity supply fell by 1.88 billion units or 1.6 percent.

Electricity condition from UP to Punjab
The electricity demand in Uttar Pradesh is still around 22,000 MW, while the availability is around 18,000 MW. There is a shortage of one thousand in Bihar and one and a half thousand MW in Haryana. The Delhi government has said that it has only one day's coal left in some of the power supply plants. Uttarakhand has expected a record demand of 48.32 million units of electricity, against which there is a shortfall of 3.5 million units despite purchasing power.

Decline in coal production
If we look at the production figures in eight industrial sectors on Friday, in the core sector it has come down to 4.3 percent from 6 percent in March. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that the biggest decline has been recorded in the production of coal and crude oil. Talking about the production of coal, it has registered a decline of 0.1 percent in March 2022 as compared to March 2021. However, due to the increasing demand for electricity, the increase in the demand and consumption of coal in the past, due to which the production was expected to increase.

This is the claim of Central Coalfields
In the last few days, data on shortage of coal has also been released by the government many times. Meanwhile, on Saturday, PM Prasad, CMD, Central Coalfields Limited, said that CCL has more than 60 lakh tonnes of coal stock. We have set a target of sending 1.85 lakh tonnes per day to power plants in Punjab, Haryana, UP, Bihar and Jharkhand. He said that the Inter-Ministerial Group is continuously monitoring the coal situation in the country.

Chidambaram's taunt, 'Modi hai to mumkin hai'
On coal shortage and power crisis, former Finance Minister P Chidambaram took a jibe at the central government, saying that 'abundant coal, large rail network, untapped capacity in thermal plants, yet there is a huge power shortage. But the central government cannot be blamed. This situation has arisen because of 60 years of Congress rule!' He said that the government has found a solution, cancel passenger trains and run coal-laden trains! Modi is possible. Significantly, on Friday, the Railways canceled 42 passenger trains to facilitate coal freight transportation.


Heated politics over coal
The shortage of coal is not only troubling the people of the country, but there is a ruckus in the country's politics regarding this issue. While Coal Minister Pralhad Joshi is claiming that the situation is under control through statistics, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on the other hand said that the government should run power plants instead of running bulldozers. The coal minister has said that Rahul Gandhi is not only a fake astrologer but also a fake Gandhi. If he is such a good astrologer, then tell the future of your party. During UPA, 566 million tonnes of coal was supplied and today we are supplying 818 million tonnes: