Cibil Score: How to check your Cibil score using Paytm in a few minutes, Know here...


Mobile Wallet Paytm has launched the facility to check CIBIL Score. With the introduction of this facility, now anyone will be able to check their CIBIL score sitting at home. Through Paytm, users can view their credit reports. Credit card and loan account reports can also be viewed through this. It takes very less time and no charge of any kind has to be paid for it. In this way, it is a great convenience for the users.


What is CIBIL Score?
To take a loan or credit card from the bank, it is considered necessary to have a good CIBIL score. The CIBIL score is based on the credit history of 24 months. CIBIL Score gives information about the loan taken before. If one keeps repaying his loan regularly, then his credit score remains good. The CIBIL score ranges from 300 to 900 marks. If this score is 750 marks or more, then it is easy to get a loan.

What does the CIBIL score depend on?
CIBIL score depends on many factors. CIBIL Core of 30 percent depends on whether you are repaying your loan on time. 25% depending on the secured or unsecured loan. It is considered good for 25 percent credit exposure and 20 percent loan utilization.

How to check CIBIL Score
To check the CIBIL score through Paytm, first, you need to log in to the Paytm app. After this, after tapping the More icon on the home screen of the app, the PAN card number and date of birth will have to be filled in. If you are a new Paytm user then first an OTP will be sent for profile verification. Your CIBIL score will be in front of you as soon as you enter the OTP.


This process will take 1 minute
This process to know the CIBIL score through Paytm will not take more than 1 minute. Earlier, for this work, one had to go to the banks, and hours were wasted. Apart from viewing the CIBIL score on Paytm, you can get much more information related to it.