Bank Holidays In August: There are many bank holidays in the month of August!


It should be noted that banks remain open on the first and third Saturdays of every month. There will be six holidays in the month of August including Saturday and Sunday.

The other three bank holidays in August include Muharram, on August 9 (Tuesday), Independence Day on August 15 (Monday), and Janmashtami on August 19 (Friday).

Here is the complete list of Bank Holidays in August 2022

7 August: Sunday

August 9 (Tuesday): Muharram

August 13: Second Saturday

14 August: Sunday

15 August (Monday): Independence Day

August 19 (Friday): Janmashtami

August 21: Sunday

August 27: Fourth Saturday

August 28: Sunday

Branches of all public sector and private sector banks, foreign banks, co-operative banks, and regional banks will remain closed on bank holidays notified by RBI.