Bank Holiday: Settle the work related to the bank today, there will be a full 11 days holiday in the month of May, four consecutive days off


If you have any important work related to the bank, then settle them in these five days only. Actually, the month of April is about to end and the month of May is going to start with the bank holidays. In the beginning of the month, there will be no work in the banks for four consecutive days. In fact, the Reserve Bank of India has released the holiday calendar for May 2022.


Continuous holiday from May 1 to 4
It is worth noting that according to the RBI calendar, banks will remain closed on the first day of the month of May i.e. on the occasion of May Day, this day is also Maharashtra Day. Apart from this, on May 2, there will be a bank holiday in many states on the occasion of Parashuram Jayanti. May 3 and 4 will be a holiday on the occasion of Id ul Fitr.


Banks closed for a total of 11 days in May
In such a situation, if you have to go out of the house in the month of May for the bank, then it will be very beneficial for you to first keep an eye on the holidays falling this month. Let us tell you that the work of the bank will be closed for a total of 11 days this entire month, although online banking facilities can be used these days. These holidays can also vary from state to state, as they list is prepared according to the festivals celebrated in different states across the country and states.

Day                        Due                                                     Location
1 May                Sunday                                                     Across the country including Maharashtra
May 2               Maharishi Parshuram Jayanti                    Many states
May 3               Eid ul Fitr , Basava Jayanti                          Karnataka
May 4th            Eid ul Fitr                                                     Telangana
9 May               Guru Rabindranath Jayanti                     West Bengal and Tripura
May 13             Eid ul Fitr                                                    Across the country
15 May             Sunday                                                       Nationwide
16 May            Statehood Day, Buddha Purnima               Sikkim and many states
May 24,           The birthday of Kazi Nazrul Islam                 Sikkim
28-29 May        Saturday-Sunday                                       Nationwide