ATF Prices Reduced: ATF Prices Reduced, Know the latest rates here...


ATF Prices Reduced: Today, while the price of commercial LPG has been cut by Rs 36 per cylinder, the price of aviation turbine fuel has also been cut by 12 percent. Today Indian Oil Corporation has given information about this. ATF prices in the country have been cut for the third time this year.


Know the new prices of ATF in Delhi
In the capital Delhi, the price of ATF has come down to Rs 1,21,915.57 per kiloliter. In this, there has been a reduction of Rs 16,232.35 per kiloliter i.e. 11.74 percent. Earlier, the price of ATF in Delhi was Rs 1,38,147.93. On the 16th of July, it was cut by 2.2 percent i.e. Rs 3084.94, after which the ATF prices came down from the record high.

Know ATF prices in other metros
After today's cut, the price of ATF in Kolkata has come down to Rs 1,28,425.21. The price of ATF in Mumbai has come down to Rs 1,20,875.86. In Chennai, the price of ATF has come down to Rs 1,26,516.29 per kiloliter.

What will be the effect?
The reduction in the price of ATF will reduce the operating cost of airline companies. However, it is too early to say how much benefit is available on domestic airline flights. Let us tell you that ATF accounts for at least 50 percent of the operational cost of an airline, so airline companies will get relief from today's reduction.


ATF prices reached a record high in May
Let us tell you that in May 2022, the prices of aviation turbine fuel had reached a record high and they went to Rs 1,41,232.87 per kiloliter. After this, on July 16, the rate of ATF was cut by 2.2 percent.