Zombie: Zombie deer disease spreading among humans? Two die in America due to brain-eating virus, people in panic


Zombie Deer Disease: Fear of zombie deer disease has arisen among people in America. It has been claimed that so far two people have died due to this disease. Zombie deer disease is also known as prion disease. Scientists have said that this disease spreads from animals to humans. A study was published earlier this month in the journal Neurology. According to this, some deaths caused by a brain disorder called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) in the US may actually be related to the prion disease. Animals are usually affected by this.


Researchers say that before they died, both men had eaten meat from deer infected with chronic wasting disease (CWD), also known as zombie deer disease. According to the website of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the disease affects deer, elk, reindeer, sika deer and moose. It has had the greatest impact in North America, Norway and South Korea. The disease can be spread by eating the brain or body fluids of infected deer or elk.


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CDC and researchers made different claims

The CDC said it has not found any cases of people suffering from the disease, but warned that some studies have shown there is a risk to some non-human primates, such as monkeys, which eat the meat of CWD-infected animals. eat or come in contact with.


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However, the authors of the new research have argued that cross-species transmission of CJD may occur based on their findings and that CWD cannot be definitively ruled out in these cases.


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The patient's history also includes a similar case in his social group and confirmed possible animal-to-human transmission of CWD, they wrote further. He says it is not possible to rule out CWD in these cases.


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The researcher also said, although the cause is unproven. Therefore, our team emphasizes the need to further investigate the potential risks of consuming CWD-infected deer and its implications for public health.


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What is the disease

According to the US Health Agency, it is a chronic and terrible disease. In this disease, viruses eat the brains of animals. Because of this he dies. It has been told by the agency that there is neither any cure nor any vaccine for this disease. This virus affects not only animals but also humans. Let us tell you that this disease was detected in Yellowstone National Park in November last year.

Symptoms of cwd

CWD infection causes cells in the brain and spinal cord to fold abnormally. They start sticking to each other. Its symptoms appear in animals about a year after getting infected. Due to this, animals start staggering, drooling, aggression and weight loss and later on it leads to death of animals.