World's Smallest Jail: This is the world's smallest jail, where only two prisoners can stay

Smallest Jail In The World Sark Prison UK Built In 1856 2 prisoners can stay here

Smallest Jail In The World: There are many big jails around the world, where dangerous and dreaded criminals are imprisoned. Almost everyone knows about Tihar, or Yerwada Jail in India, where thousands of prisoners live. But do you know about the smallest prison in the world? If not then let us tell you. In fact, there is a jail in the world where there is space for only two prisoners. This prison is built on Britain's smallest island, which is 168 years old.

According to a news report, 'Sirk Prison' built on Sark Island in the English Channel has been given the status of the smallest prison in the world. This jail was built in the year 1856, which can accommodate only 2 prisoners. The surprising thing is that even after so many years, there has been no significant change in this jail.

Over the years, the look inside the jail has definitely changed to some extent. Apart from this, arrangements for water, toilet and electricity have been made here. Sark Island is spread over 5.4 square kilometers, where about 562 people live.

168 year old jail
The order to build this jail was given by the court in the year 1832, but it took 24 years to complete it. The reason behind this was because no one had the money to build it. This jail has been divided into two parts from inside, leaving two rooms.

One of its rooms is 6 by 6 feet and the other is 6 by 8 feet. Both the rooms have thin wooden beds for the prisoners. A prisoner can be kept in this jail for a maximum of 2 to 3 days only. However, the special thing is that there is no serious crime on this island. This is the reason why there are only two policemen on this island.

According to a report, people living on this island also claim that many people here have criminal cases, which include many other cases like driving under the influence of alcohol. But due to lack of resources here, no action has been taken against them. Therefore this gel is also not used much.