Why does lightning occur with rain? Know where it comes from and where it goes


Lightning strikes are common during the rainy season. When there are more clouds during monsoon days, we often hear the sound of thunder accompanied by lightning from the sky. Then there will be a question in the mind how does this lightning fall where does the lightning come from and where does it go? Know about it today in this article.

Scientist Benjamin Franklin first explained the real cause of lightning in 1872. He said that the clouds in the sky contain small water particles, which become charged due to friction with the air. Some clouds are positively charged and some are negatively charged. When both types of charged clouds collide with each other, millions of volts of electricity are generated.

When a charged cloud passes near a tall tree or building on Earth, an opposite charge is created in the building or tree, when this ratio is high, lightning from the cloud falls on the building or tree.

We see lightning flashing between the clouds and it does not cause any harm, but when lightning falls from the clouds to the ground it causes harm.

According to meteorologists, after this lightning reaches the earth, it finds a medium through which it can pass. There is a higher possibility of lightning falling on a tree or building.