Viral: Meru retired from the army, and reached home in the first AC coach on the train, pictures went viral on social media


Army Dog Meru Travels In AC First Class: The respect given for making a special contribution to society does not discriminate between anyone, be it a human being or an animal. There are many such animals around the world, which have also been honored at the international level. Recently a dog made its presence felt at the Oscar Award Show and Cannes Film Festival. In this context, now a dog of the Indian Army is making headlines on social media. Pictures of this dog go viral on social media, in which people are surprised to see his post-retirement honor. In this picture, it can be seen that the army dog 'Meru' is traveling in the first AC coach to reach the retirement home in Meerut.

Recently, Meru, the army dog of the 22 Army Dog Unit, has become famous because of his retirement journey. In the pictures going viral on social media, Meru is seen traveling comfortably in the first AC coach on the train after retirement. Meru, 9, is now retired after a dedicated career as a loyal tracker dog. Many pictures of his journey to his retirement home are going viral on social media, which is surprising people.

The caption of Meru's viral post reads, 'Army tracker dog Meru from 22 Army Dog Unit boards a train for Meerut on retirement. He will spend the rest of his days at the Dogs Retirement Home at the Remount and Veterinary Corps (RVC) Center. He is traveling in AC first class. The Defense Ministry has recently allowed service dogs on retirement to travel in AC First with their handlers. Actually, this special arrangement is a new initiative of the Defense Ministry.