Utility: This business will start for less than 50 thousand rupees, there is tremendous demand in the market!


Whether sitting at home or on the go, in the office or on the go, kids or adults, everyone loves chips. The demand for potato chips is now evergreen. The demand for chips in the market is so high that it becomes difficult to supply them. Packages ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 50 to Rs 100 are available. In this, you can earn well with less investment.

All types of small and large layers are working in the chips market. But the demand for chips is increasing day by day and the manufacturers are not able to meet this demand. If you are also thinking of starting this business, then you have to take care of the quality first.


The initial investment in this business is also not much. You will get a small chip-making machine for 30 to 35 thousand rupees. Apart from this, you will also have to take a packing machine. Without a machine, you can start with Rs 50,000 or less. But taking both the machines will increase your expenditure. You can also try without a machine in the beginning. 

You can start this work from a small place or room in the house. You will need good-quality potatoes, salt, chaat masala, chili powder, oil, baking soda, etc. as raw materials. You can take the help of family members to help you or you can also hire employees.


To start this work, you have to register your product before launching it in the market. First, you register under MSME. After this, you will have to get a trade license. Apart from this, you also need to obtain a bank account, PAN card, and GST number in the name of the firm or company. You can get the license from FSSAI after the product is tested by the food department. 

In the beginning, you can promote your product by launching it in the market through social media, etc. When the demand increases, you can gradually increase the business. You can also buy the machine if the demand is high.