This woman was missing, and was found inside a python after 3 days, she did not survive


In Indonesia, a 45-year-old woman was swallowed alive by a python. When the villagers started looking for the woman, they found her dead body in the stomach of a python, after which a sensation spread in the entire village.

Python (symbolic)

A shocking case has come to light from Indonesia. This tragic incident is from Central Indonesia, where a 45-year-old woman was found dead in the stomach of a giant python. Farida of Kalemang village in South Sulawesi province went missing on Friday, June 7. After she did not return home, her husband and family members started looking for her.

During the search, Farida's husband found some of her belongings in a forest. This made the villagers suspect that there was a large python nearby, which was about 16 feet long. The village head Suardi Rossi, while telling about this horrifying discovery, told the news agency AFP that he soon saw a python with a big belly, the python's belly looked very fat. After which the villagers' suspicions were further confirmed.

A dead body was found inside the stomach of a python

The villagers decided to catch the python and cut its stomach. As soon as they did this, Farida's head became visible immediately, after which there was a stir among the people present nearby. After ripping open the python's entire stomach, Farida's entire body became visible. Farida was swallowed by the python just like that, her body was found inside the python's stomach wearing clothes,

Not the first such incident

This is not the first incident of a python swallowing humans. Last year, a similar incident occurred in the Tinanggia district of Southeast Sulawesi. In which an eight-meter python strangled a farmer and ate him. In 2022, a 50-year-old rubber-tapper woman named Jahara also suffered the same fate. According to local reports, villagers returning from working in the garden saw Jahara's body in the stomach of a python.