This is the world's smallest army which sacrifices itself for one person.


In the world where every country is engaged in making its army bigger and stronger and increasing the number of soldiers. Today we will tell you about an army in the world which has only 135 soldiers. This army is said to be the smallest army in the world. As small as this army is, its history is equally vast.

The army of Vatican City is the smallest army in the European country. Because this country is the smallest in the world, obviously its army is also small. The army soldiers here are called Swiss Guards, and these soldiers are responsible for the security of the Pope (chief priest of the Roman Catholic Church). These young men take an oath to sacrifice themselves for the protection of the Pope. The uniform of these Swiss Guards is quite different from the uniform of the rest of the army.

Their uniform consists of a feather on the helmet, a white collar, colorful and puffed sleeves, as well as red, yellow, and blue uniforms. Besides, soldiers are also seen wearing armour. The uniform of these soldiers was designed by Colonel Jules Reppond in the year 1914.

Conditions for joining the army

The swearing-in ceremony of the army takes place every year on 6th May. The ceremony marks the anniversary of the Army's Black Day of 1527 when 42 out of 189 guardsmen were killed while defending Pope Clement VII from rebel troops in Rome. The condition for recruitment in this army is that men should be between 19 to 30 years of age, should be 5 to 7 feet (1.74 meters) tall, and should not be married. Also, he should have impeccable character. Also, the condition for joining the army is that the man must be a Catholic. To join the army, men must undergo Swiss military service and commit to serving the Pope for at least two years. After which they can marry after serving the Pope for five years.

Use traditional weapons

The halberd is the traditional weapon of this army, but soldiers are trained to use small modern weapons, including the recently introduced stun gun. In the year 2018, Pope Francis increased the strength of the army from 110 to 135. Let us tell you, these guards work in six-hour shifts, sometimes even in 12-hour shifts. Earns about one crore rupees every month and has the freedom to go out of the Vatican during his leave.