That city where there are no laws and people don't care about years, days, and months?


You know a city where there are no rules and no laws. The people of this city have nothing to do with the rest of the world.

Slab City (Image Source:benfogle)

Slab City: Wherever we go we have to follow the rules and laws, but have you ever thought about a place where there are neither any rules nor any laws? Where you don't have to follow any rules? There exists a city in the world where no rules and regulations apply. The people here are neither concerned with anything in the world nor with the passing days, months, and years.

There are no rules and regulations in this city

We are talking about America's slab city. There are no rules and there is no law in this place. The host of a TV channel had also revealed about this place in his program.

There are no rules and regulations at this place located in California, America, nor is there any such thing as a government. Most of the people live here who want to live their lives away from the law or are suffering from some mental illness. You will be surprised to know that guns and drugs are very common in this place because due to the absence of any rules and regulations, no one is going to stop people from doing wrong things here.

The people here are cut off from the world

According to a report by Daily Star, there is no provision for basic things like water, electricity, and gas in this city built in the desert area. It was demolished in 1956 by American soldiers for training during the Second World War. This place was turned into debris at that time, which was gradually made a place to live by wanderers and ex-servicemen, while the people living here were cut off from the world and had nothing to do with anyone.

Not even a clock, TV, or calendar

According to a report, the people of this place do not care about years, months, and even days. These people neither have any clock with which time can be ascertained, nor any calendar with which year or month can be ascertained, nor do the people here own a TV. Due to which these people remain completely unaware of what is happening in the world. People here do whatever they want, wear strange clothes, and do strange things.