Surprise: The body of the missing youth was found, his cremation had also taken place; now the police has recovered him alive, know the case


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Vaishali News: The body of the missing youth was found in Vaishali district. Then the family members cremated him. Now the last rites were being performed for the peace of his soul when the police arrived with the dead youth alive. This surprised everyone. Read the full news...

Sunny Kumar, who went missing from his home on June 18 in Vaishali district, was cremated on June 21 at Hajipur Konhara Ghat. His family is performing the last rites as per Hindu rituals for the peace of his soul. Meanwhile, Ganga Bridge police station has recovered him alive with his girlfriend near Buxar railway station. This has turned the whole case upside down and a shocking thing has come to light.

Police found the missing youth at Buxar station.

According to the information, Sunny Kumar (21) is the son of Amod Chaudhary, a resident of Nawada Chowk village of Ganga Bridge police station area. He ran away from home with his girlfriend on June 18 and reached Coimbatore. Then on June 20, he got married in Tirupati Durga Temple. After that, he came with his wife to Buxar railway station in Bihar in search of employment. But as soon as the police got a tip-off, they took him and his wife into custody from there. The police is interrogating the love couple.

Earlier it was reported that the body was murdered and burnt.

It is being told that when the girl's family filed an FIR of their daughter's kidnapping, the police started taking action in the case. Similarly, Sunny's family also started searching for him. But on 21st June, someone informed that Sunny was murdered and his body was burnt and thrown in Mohanpur police station area of ​​Samastipur district.

The police brought Sunny alive during the last rites,

after which the family members went to Mohanpur police station, took the body from the police and registered an FIR in the case of their son's murder. They also blocked the road in Nawada demanding the arrest of the murderers. Then the angry people calmed down after the police pacified them. Then the body was cremated at Hajipur Konhara Ghat as per Hindu customs. Right now the family members were performing the last rites for the peace of Sunny's soul when the police recovered him alive with his girlfriend on Saturday.