'Putin's assassination, cancer treatment, and the Earth will change its course...' Do you know Baba Venga's predictions for 2024?


Bulgarian prophet Baba Venga has made many sensational predictions for 2024. It contains warnings ranging from an attempt to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin to changing the Earth's orbit. Apart from this, Venga had also claimed to find cures for diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's in 2024.

Sofia: Baba Venga's predictions for 2024 are much discussed these days. In this, he has claimed everything from the attempt to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin, to finding cures for cancer and Alzheimer's, to the increase in terrorist incidents in Europe. It is said that the predictions of this blind prophet mostly prove to be true. Baba Venga himself had predicted the attack on Ukraine in 2022. Baba Venga is known as the Nostradamus of the Balkans. Mystic Baba Venga, born in 1911, claimed to have become blind after being caught in a tornado. It is believed that he had the extraordinary ability to predict the future. Baba Venga died 26 years ago at the age of 84, but his prophecies continue to hold even long after his death.

Baba Venga has also made predictions for 2024. One of them involves the Earth's orbit changing – which means we could face floods or the next ice age, depending on how far the Earth will be from the Sun. Baba Venga has mentioned many major events ranging from Putin's assassination to medical breakthroughs. In such a situation, know what is going to happen in 2024 as the new year approaches.

Attempt to assassinate Putin

According to The Mirror report, Baba Venga might have predicted that Russian President Vladimir Putin would be assassinated next year by one of his countrymen. It comes after the Kremlin issued an extraordinary message denying Putin was dead. A Telegram channel claimed that Putin had died, saying he died at his Valdai palace just north of Moscow. The Kremlin has also consistently denied speculation that Putin has cancer and claims that his health is declining.

Increase in terrorist attacks in Europe

Baba Venga had predicted destructive weapons. He claims that a "major country" will test or attack biological weapons in the next year. The prophet also predicted that terrorists would spread chaos in Europe.

Catastrophic natural disasters

Baba Venga also states in his predictions for 2024 that changes in the Earth's orbit may occur, which usually occur over long periods. But if this happens quickly, we could see terrible natural disasters and even an increase in radiation levels.

Economic crisis and rise to power in the East

Baba Venga said that there will be a big economic crisis in 2024 which will affect the global economy. He claimed that this could be due to factors such as increasing debt levels, geopolitical tensions, and the shift of economic power from the West to the East.

Cyber attacks

Baba Venga claimed that 2024 could see an increase in cyber attacks. Advanced hackers will directly attack critical infrastructure such as power grids and water treatment plants, thereby threatening national security.

Technological revolutions

According to the report of History.co.uk, Baba Venga also said that there will be a breakthrough in quantum computing in 2024. This comes as quantum computing is making rapid progress and can solve problems faster than traditional computers. If the prediction proves true, the power of Artificial Intelligence in society could skyrocket in 2024.

Medical breakthroughs

Last but not least, Baba Venga has given a prediction which can be the best in the medical field. A blind Bulgarian prophet claimed that new treatments for incurable diseases including Alzheimer's and cancer will be discovered in 2024.