Predictions of Baba Vanga: Baba Venga's prophecy is coming true! There was devastation in just five months, know what will happen in the next 7 months?

Baba Venga, a resident of Bulgaria, died 128 years ago (Photo_social Media)

The predictions of Baba Vanga, known as the 'Nostradamus' of Bulgaria, are coming true. Whatever she said for 2024 has proved true in the last five months. Also, know what is going to happen next.

Is there going to be a disaster in 2024? This question is because the predictions of Baba Venga, who is called the ‘Nostradamus’ of Bulgaria, are coming true. Whatever she said for 2024 has proved true in the last five months. She said that there would be a terrorist attack in Europe. There will be an increase in cyber attacks and there will be a lot of turmoil in the medical and technical world. All these things have proved true in the last five months. Let us know what predictions she has made for the next 7 months. If this becomes true then how much the world will change?

Baba Venga, known as the 'Nostradamus of the Balkans', died 28 years ago. Even before her death, she had made predictions for 2024. Everything she said is proving to be true. Baba Venga had made accurate predictions about the Chornobyl disaster in Ukraine, the death of Princess Diana, the 9/11 attacks in New York, and even her own death. Now her followers told the predictions she had made for 2024. Everything is proving to be true. What is going to happen next is even scarier.

Terrorist attacks on Europe

Baba Venga had warned that there would be many terrorist attacks in Europe in 2024. The recent terrorist attack in Moscow, Russia indicates that he had made absolutely accurate predictions. At the end of March, terrorists fired indiscriminately and killed 110 people, including many children. Islamic State has taken responsibility for this. In view of Venga's prediction, the whole of Europe including Germany is on high alert these days.

Cyber attacks increased

Baba Venga had said that cyber attacks will increase. This is starting to happen. Hacking situations occurred in many companies including Greggs, McDonald's, Tesco, and Sainsbury's. Even agencies of many countries were the target of hackers. Even threatened to make the data of patients associated with British Health Services viral. There were attacks on the power grid and water system. Baba Venga had said that it would be a wonderful year in the field of technology and medicine. This is happening. There seems to be a way to cure incurable diseases like Alzheimer's and cancer. A vaccine has been made which can protect against Alzheimer's. Cancer medicine has also been discovered. After taking this, cancer patients can live four times longer. It was an amazing year in the field of AI also.

5 scary predictions

1. She also claimed to have encountered an alien. This has not been confirmed. But claims of finding UFOs were definitely made in many places. A UFO was even seen hovering over India's nuclear power plant. There are still eight months left.

2. Baba Venga has predicted that this year an attempt will be made to assassinate Russian President Putin. A person from his own country is going to do this.

3. According to Baba Venga, the entire world is going to go through a major economic crisis in the year 2024. Many countries will be plunged into a deep economic crisis.

4. The most dangerous prediction. According to Baba Venga, the world's largest country can test biological weapons in 2024. If this happens, there will be a new crisis in mankind.

5. Baba Venga has warned of global warming this year. The terrible heat is disturbing. This will cause huge health problems. Its effect is already visible all over the world.