Planes flying over this island mysteriously disappear! Learn

Planes flying over this island mysteriously disappear! Learn

There are many mysterious places on earth. One of these is Palmyra Island located in America. Knowing about this island will blow your senses. No one likes to go on this.

It is said that this island named Palmyra has been cursed for a long time. The person who goes on it cannot come back. There are many such incidents related to this island, after knowing which your soul will tremble. No permanent residents are living on this island located on the Samou Highway of America.

From the year 1798 till now, many strange incidents have happened on this island. It is said that planes and ships flying over this island of America mysteriously disappear. To date, no one has been able to lift the veil from behind this mystery.

Although some courageous people have returned after visiting this island. Those people told that they felt very strange on this mysterious island. They have had this experience here as if there is a ghost here. For this reason, no person visits this island.