Optical Illusion: Only genius people can find the cat in the picture, let's find out...


Optical Illusion: You can consider this viral picture as a perfect example of optical illusion. Look at this picture carefully and tell where the cat is hiding in it. Even sharp-minded people can hardly give the correct answer after seeing this picture. Let's try to find the clever cat among the things scattered in the house.


The optical illusion pictures that go viral on social media are well-liked. Along with this, people enjoy solving the riddles hidden in them. However, very few people can solve the riddles. Now look at this picture carefully and tell where the cat is in this picture. You run your eyes around and find it. Nine seconds are given to find the cat.
In this picture going viral on social media, stuff is scattered all around inside a room. The cat is hiding somewhere among these scattered things. A dog sitting on the ground is visible, but the cat is not visible to anyone. Now let's see if you can find the cat.


Most people are not seeing the cat in this picture. In this picture, people can see the dog sitting inside the house. If you too can't find the cat, no need to worry. You can see the cat in the last picture of the news.