Optical Illusion: Can you spot a mistake in a picture in 10 seconds...


Optical Illusion: This puzzle is super fun, but you'll need a lot of brain power to solve this brain teaser. Solving brain teasers makes your mind sharp and improves your thinking power. Today a new puzzle is present for you, you have 10 seconds to solve it.


In this brain test, you have to find one mistake in the picture, that too within 10 seconds. Your brain will get a lot of exercise in solving this puzzle.

There are many such viral brain teasers on social media, have you ever tried to solve them? If you enjoy solving puzzles and it doesn't bother you, you'll be able to solve these very quickly. This brain teaser is easy enough for those with strong observational skills. So let's solve the new puzzle.

You need sharp eyes as well as a sharp mind to spot the one mistake in this picture. There is only one word 'you' written in the picture, which also has a mistake. If you can find it, you are a genius.

What could you solve?
Solving this puzzle is easy provided your observational skills are excellent. If you are having trouble solving this puzzle, the answer is given below. You can improve your sharpness and observation by solving picture puzzles. So look at this picture carefully, only then you will get the answer. You have 10 seconds to solve it.


If you can't find a specific word in this picture, don't worry. You can see the answer below.